Comrade Mao Zedong said, "all factors of things can only be exploited and utilized through human factors." Under certain productive forces, people are the decisive factor for the survival and development of enterprises. In this sense, human resource is the first resource of an enterprise.

Huacheng's five strategies:

Keep people with sincere feelings. Create a unique corporate culture environment, so that the majority of employees have a strong sense of identity, mission and belonging to the enterprise, and establish a spiritual pillar to unite people and gather talents.

Attract people with wonderful career. Under the guidance of the development goal of becoming bigger and stronger and going abroad, we will attract outstanding and professional talents through the way of "introducing projects and bringing in talents", so that every employee can display their talents and skills in the corresponding positions.

Train people with hard work. In the construction project, we should pay attention to the "snowball" effect of talents, train people through arduous work, and make the construction project an incubator for training high-quality talents.

Cultivate people with effective learning. To meet the needs of knowledge renewal cycle, we should pay attention to training; strengthen leadership and organizational guarantee; keep pace with the times and keep close to the theme; increase investment and rolling development; strengthen mechanism, quality and quantity, so as to provide effective human resource guarantee for the development of the group.

Encourage people with reasonable system. Pay attention to the incentive of distribution system, incentive system and training system, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to learn knowledge and study business, and reserve talents for the long-term development of the group.

1. Adhere to the principle of "people-oriented" and establish the employment mechanism in line with the market economy;

2. We have established a talent competition mechanism, changed "Bole Xiangma" into "horse selection in the competition field", adhered to the principle of "openness, fairness, justice, competition, and selection of the best", and for every post of the company, we have recruited for the society and the company according to the requirements of the post description, and dynamically competed for the post, so that people can stand out from the rest;

3. Actively cultivate discipline leaders, implement the company's internal Title Evaluation and employment system, with ability and heavy contribution, higher vocational education can be employed at a lower level, and lower vocational education can be employed at a higher level;

4. Carry out rationalization suggestions and technological innovation activities, select, reward and name rationalization suggestions, technological innovation and technological innovation projects put forward in R & D, technology, production, quality, cost, efficiency, management and other aspects, greatly improving the innovation enthusiasm of employees, and building a good development platform for all kinds of talents to stand out.